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HHSC Opens

23rd September 2017
200 Fly Fest (Level 3)

7th/8th October 2017
Birthday Open (Level 3)

19th/20th May 2018
Spring Development (Level 3)
(details to follow)
Awards for Day 1
Written by Janet Davies   
Sunday, 27 November 2016 13:08

IMG 0442 2 As well as the awards given by the host club to the swimmers, Ollie awarded the following awards at our evening meal:

  • Swim of day went to Mabel Coldwell for an 8 second PB.
  • Lewis Clark was also recognised for his 10 second PB for his 400 Free.
  • Ben Davies got an award for the best deliverance of a race, applying the coach's direction in the 50 free (4 breaths in total)
  • Matthias Morse won an award for being the only swimmer to have lapped fellow competitors
  • Female swimmer of the day was Lois Emery, with Joe Coldwell being the male swimmer of the day
  • The loudest supporter award went to Sam Ward, with Dylan Kennell winning the award for being the quietest supporter but with 100% team spirit
  • Lois Emery and Charlotte Hingston won the best hair stylist awards
  • The award for the quote of the day went to Cameron with "Janet's wraps are better than my mum's"
  • Elliot Davies won the most forgetful award, although in hindsight this should have gone to Ollie who left his coach's book in the restaurant
  • Emily Young won the Oscar award for the injury to her ankle against the previously mentioned slippery wall
IMG 0449 2 IMG 0449 3
Never a truer word said in jest!!
Written by Janet Davies   
Sunday, 27 November 2016 09:10
Janet's comments about Adventures came true yesterday evening.  After a successful day's swimming we returned to the Arethusa to dry off the towels and costumes before going out for a healthy salad et al at the local Harvester.  The swimmers were well behaved and ate tonnes.  Leaving the restaurant at 8:30, we planned to spend the rest of the evening playing games and having fun in the Sports Hall at the Venture Centre.

Matthias, Jonny and then Ollie had unsuccessful attempts at closing the minibus's sliding door from the inside.  Sarah then decided to get out and close it from the outside - wrong decision!!  The door became stuck, closed but not fully in position - the minibus refused to start, the door wouldn't open again and we were stranded.   To cut a long story short, a nice man from the AA came along, crow-barred open the door, removed one of the fittings and we were able to finish our journey.  We arrived back about 11pm and the swimmers went straight to bed.  We have tired swimmers this morning but I am sure that will not stop them swimming well.  Go Hemel!!!
Day 1 by Charlotte
Written by Janet Davies   
Saturday, 26 November 2016 16:53
Hi dudes,

So we started off the evening by gathering our belongings and getting on to the mini bus which was very cramped up with massive bags and rollers,with the great driver Janet who drove us down to Kent.Along the way we listened to Matthias' music which was very annoying but we then listened to Lois' music which was a lot better.

IMG 0447We then eventually arrived at the Centre while we were waiting for Sarah and Janet to come back with all clear  about  the building we all decided to lie down on the ground which made a pile of bodies all squashed together with Ben and Sam at the bottom and Lewis and Cameron at the top (weirdly). Finally the ladies came back giving us the heads up that we could go to our rooms. Once we all went in we went upstairs to the our dormitories following  the great tour guide Jonny to where we were suppose to be with the girls being in the Hedley room  and the boys into their room called Rose.  With it being around 9:30 Janet and Sarah decided to tell anyone that they needed to be in bed however Ollie thought it would be funny to stand outside the girls door baring in mind that Lois didn't realise until she turned round and screamed. Being around 10pm everyone was in their rooms trying to get to sleep,  the girls decided to sleep top and tale but the boys being very noisy with them  jumping around in their beds, none of the girls could get to sleep but Janet  caught Joe with his shoes on the bed(naughty) After a long drive down everyone went to sleep (hopefully) until Charlotte heard Emily talking in her sleep.

The Afternoon Session
Written by Janet Davies   
Saturday, 26 November 2016 13:26
Swimmers are now feeling the pain of little sleep last night.  On top of that is the fact that the seating area is heated.  They are definitely feeling the heat - they just need to cool down with a few good swims this afternoon.  The lady in the cafe has, reluctantly, filled all their water bottles - the downside of being so hot is drinking lots of water.
Saturday morning
Written by Janet Davies   
Saturday, 26 November 2016 08:37
IMG 0450

A good night's sleep was had by everyone, despite Joe shouting out of the window - probably at the loud fox barking!  A big breakfast was eaten by everyone, especially Joe with his three bowls of cereal.  Ten minutes in the minibus and we arrived at the venue.  Swimmers signed in and then warmed up by the baby pool.  Swimmers are a bit worried about the slippery wall at the shallow end, but Ollie has given them sound advice should they slip.  Good swimming expected by all.
IMG 0438IMG 0437IMG 0441
Arrived safely
Written by Janet Davies   
Friday, 25 November 2016 21:15
Traffic on the M25 was surprisingly good for a Friday evening.  Resized 20161125 190240Much to Janet's disappointment she found out that the minibus was regulated at 65mph!  We arrived about 8:30.

Everyone allocated their beds and the adults are now enjoying a cup of tea in the Common Room whilst the swimmers are having a pillow fight and writing their own contribution to the blog.
Minibus Collected
Written by Janet Davies   
Friday, 25 November 2016 18:07
IMG 0435 small
So it's T -50 minutes.  The minibus is collected and waiting to be filled with excited swimmers.  A picture taken to remind us how to return it on Monday morning!  Hope your swimmers are ready for our Kent Adventure - see you soon!
Entries Accepted
Written by Janet Davies   
Sunday, 06 November 2016 08:49
All of our entries for the gala have been accepted, so we are another step closer to our Adventure in Kent.  Thank you to those who have returned the Codes of Conduct and Consent Forms - don't forget the deadline is today!  Thank you also to those who have paid and let me know.
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Fourteen Swimmers from Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club are going to the Black Lion gala in November.

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