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HHSC Opens

19th/20th May 2018
Spring Development (Level 3)
As of 23 March 2018 this meet is full

22nd September 2018
200 Fly Fest (Level 3)
(details to follow)

6th/7th October 2018
Birthday Open (Level 3)
(details to follow)

9th December 2018
Alan Doyle Memorial Sprint
(Level 3)

Team Travel 2017
Written by Janet Davies   
Monday, 23 October 2017 16:38
This year, the Team Travel event will be lead by Sarah Young, and assisted by Ollie and George Cawley.
arethusa dorms

So far, 11 swimmers have signed up:

Seyi Bankole, Grace Cawley, Joe Coldwell, Mabel Coldwell, Lois Emery, Freya McDonagh, Isabella O’Leary, Amber Stratford, Tilly Stratford, Sam Ward, Emily Young

The venue is the Arethusa Venture Centre, which is just over the River Medway from the event pool.