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19th/20th October 2019
Birthday Open (Level 3) - Results

9th February 2020
Alan Doyle Memorial Sprint Open (Level 3) - Accepted Entries 

9th & 10th May 2020
Spring Development Meet (Level 3) - Entries Open

19th September 2020
Fly Fest

17th/18th October 2020
Birthday Open (Level 3)

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SE competitive awards

Swim England competitive awards

Swim England has a set of competitive award standards and badges for swimmers to work towards regardless of age. The required times for these awards are in the table below, the table together with a form to claim an award can be downloaded via the links at the bottom of this article.

The awards are split into Sprint (25m, 50m and 100m); Middle Distance (all 200m & 400m freestyle) and Distance (400m IM, 800m and 1500m Freestyle).

You only have to achieve one of the times in one stroke in an award category to qualify for the circular round badges for Sprint, Middle Distance and Distance in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum but you can then go on to collect the other flashes in that category.  You also only need to get one sprint time, e.g. If you get the time in 25m free, then you get the badge and once you get it in 50m free you don’t get any further badges for the Sprint.

If you achieve a qualifying time at any competition you can make a claim for the appropriate badge.  You just need to check the results on the online database where you'll see a letter B, S, G or P against the time designating Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.  Note down the event date, stroke, distance and of course the time achieved and then submit a claim to buy the badges or flashes to sew onto your club shirt.

  Sprint   Middle Distance   Long Distance
Bronze Award 25M 50M 100M   200M 400M   400M 800M 1500M
Frontcrawl 21.00 47.00 01:44.30   03:49.90 08:04.70     16:45.30 31:43.40
Breaststroke 27.20 01:00.40 02:12.00   04:40.40          
Backstroke 24.70 54.40 01:56.00   04:11.10          
Butterfly 23.20 52.40 01:53.80   04:09.20          
Individual Medley     01:58.60   04:17.20     09:03.70    
Silver Award 25M 50M 100M   200M 400M   400M 800M 1500M
Frontcrawl 18.30 41.00 01:31.00   03:20.80 07:03.50     14:38.20 27:42.80
Breaststroke 23.80 52.70 01:55.40   04:05.00          
Backstroke 21.50 47.50 01:41.40   03:39.40          
Butterfly 20.30 45.70 01:39.40   03:37.70          
Individual Medley     01:43.60   03:44.60     07:55.00    
Gold Award 25M 50M 100M   200M 400M   400M 800M 1500M
Frontcrawl 16.70 37.20 01:22.80   03:02.40 06:24.70     13:17.90 25:10.70
Breaststroke 21.70 48.00 01:44.80   03:42.60          
Backstroke 19.60 43.00 01:32.00   03:19.30          
Butterfly 18.50 41.50 01:30.40   03:17.80          
Individual Medley     01:34.10   03:24.10     07:11.50    
Platinum Award 25M 50M 100M   200M 400M   400M 800M 1500M
Frontcrawl     01:16.90   02:49.90 05:57.20     12:20.70 23:22.40
Breaststroke     01:37.30   03:26.60          
Backstroke     01:25.50   03:05.00          
Butterfly     01:23.90   03:03.70          
Individual Medley         03:09.50     06:40.60    


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