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19th/20th May 2018
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22nd September 2018
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6th/7th October 2018
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9th December 2018
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Sat May 05, 2018
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Sharks Gala

Written by Administrator
Monday, 7 December 2009 at 07:32

The Sharks Gala is an annual fun gala in which everyone at HHSC can take part.  It's called "sharks" because participants are divided into six teams, each named after a shark.

Sharks is normally held on the evening of the last Sunday before Christmas.  It's open to all members of the Club, however young or old.  The last race of the evening is open to parents so they can show the children how it should be done!

Swimmers are allocated to one of six teams - Bulls, Blacktips, Great Whites, Hammerheads, Makos and Tigers.  Each team comprises about 30 swimmers with a mix of genders, ages and training groups from across the Club.  Swimmers won’t know which team they're in until she arrives and won’t know what races they’ll be doing until the team manager tells them.

All of the races are relays and younger swimmers never swim more than 25m.  Some of the races involve traditional strokes but they can take unusual forms - like the races involving the two oldest and two youngest swimmers in each team.  Others are more unusual and can vary year on year, like pushing large floats up and down with more and more people involved or changing t-shirts and shorts in the water.  The last race involves all 180 swimmers; it’s an experience!

Each team is run by five adults.  A team manager who has overall responsibility for allocating races to swimmers.  Two “whips” who stay with the team and make certain swimmers know when they’re swimming and which end of the pool they should go to, and two lane ends at either end of the pool to remind them what they should be doing and help them in and out of the pool.  It can be fairly chaotic and if swimmers aren't certain what they should be doing should never hesitate to ask one of the adults.

New and younger swimmers should start in the water rather than diving if they feel more comfortable but they should tell the lane end before the race starts.

There will be about 180 swimmers poolside and a very full gallery - it will be very, very noisy!  It may be called a "fun" gala but it will be all the more competitive for supposedly not being serious.
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