Car Parking at the Hemel Hempstead Sports Centre


Please be warned there are new parking regulations coming in to force at The Hemel Hempstead Sports Centre.


Sportspace have just posted this note on their facebook page:

Important Information:
Morning all! Unfortunately the car park at Sportspace Hemel Hempstead is increasingly being used by members of the public who go off shopping or to work, taking up valuable parking spaces. Sportspace have teamed up with ‘Creative Car Parking Solutions’ and are installing a ‘registration number recognition system’ from Thursday 11th April. Ultimately this will require you to input your car registration number on each visit if you are going to be longer than 20minutes (drop offs of under 20 minutes are exempt). You will then have up to 3 hours of free parking (once registered). You will need to register your car at the touch screen at reception on every visit, ensuring that it is just customers and staff parking. Thank you for your co-operation.

As a club we have had no formal notification of this so we are unable to tell you any more than this, we are seeking clarification and will advise as soon as we have some information. In the meantime we suggest you do not take any risks or you will receive a £150-00 fine (£75-00 if paid within 14 days)

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