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The Hemel Hempstead Club Calendar provides you with information on galas and events throughout the year. It also includes a feature that allows you to import an event into your existing calendar such as on Microsoft Outlook – to do so simply go to the event and in the bottom right hand corner you will see an icon click and then select the export option to save to your PC, after that simply double click and you should be able to save into your calendar, it is possible if you are using a program such as Microsoft Outlook that your PC will automatically detect the file type and import it direct into your calendar – this will serve as a useful reminder. You can import a whole Year in one go by going to the following link

The Calendar can be accessed and viewed in a number of ways:

1, Mini Calendar this appears on the frontpage of the website, showing the current month with events highlighted – you can either click on a date to view an event or on the month to view a larger more detailed calendar for that particular month.

2, Forthcoming Events РThis also appears on the frontpage and shows the next six events coming up Рit shows them in detail and allows you to click on an event to view it in full detail. The forthcoming events are colour coded as follows:

Full Team Galas Team Galas with a number of age groups across the range of the club
Junior Team Galas Team Galas involving the junior side of the club
Master Galas Team Galas involving the Masters Section only
Open Galas – Club Supported Open Galas – Guidance will be provided on who should enter, entries will be handled by the club and coaches will be poolside at the gala
Open Galas – Non Club Supported Open Galas – Information will be provided but entries will not be handled by the club and their will be no coaching support
Internal Events/Galas Galas such as Club Champs, Sharks etc and other general internal events
Training Courses Training Courses such as ASA Qualifications and officials courses
General Events Unclassified events

3, Event List for the Next Year – This calendar view shows you a list of galas and events month by month for the next year. This can be accessed from the About Us – Club Calendar menu or here

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We are a competitive sport club - with our swimmers competing at all levels from local team galas to National and European events.