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Every year we hold an election of all members to vote for a Boy and Girl Club Captains. We ask for nominations for Captains in advance and they then produce a document about why they want to lead the swimmers and then all members are given a chance to cast their vote.

For 2010 we have joint Girl Club Captains as the vote was tied !

Rachael King – Girls Captain

Hello, my name is Rachael King and I am fifteen years old. I go to the Astley Cooper School and will shortly be sitting my GCSE’s. I have been swimming for Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club for six years, starting off in Seals. I have met some amazing coaches and fellow swimmers- some are a little crazy! I am not the fastest swimmer in the world but being a part of this club, learning and listening to others, has changed me and I would now like to help others on their journey through the club.

The Sharks gala is one of my favourite events of the year as it gets all swimmers, from aqua bears to those old wrinkly masters, get together for some fun. It brings out qualities that you wouldn’t normally expect to see in some people. Swimmers cheer and go a little mad but in the end it is just about doing your best. Wearing those antlers and red nose in the Christmas race was one of the most embarrassing things I have had to do in my life, but it was also one of the best.

Being a part of Hemel Swimming Club is not just about getting fast times and getting to the best meets in the country. It is also about training well, having a positive attitude and also having fun.
I’m not only a fellow swimmer but also a friend. I want to make sure that everybody is proud to be a member of HHSC whether it is you competing, cheering a teammate on or giving friends a pat on the back when they’ve not done so well. If you need someone to talk to or want someone to talk to the coaches on your behalf I will be happy to help.

This year, the club captains are going to try and listen to you more. We want to organise events that you want to do and that you will enjoy. Not only in the pool but social events that will gather everyone together. I wish everyone the best of luck in the new swimming year, whether it is your first counties or your last time swimming in Peanuts, good luck to you all! Keep up the good work.


Lois Moore – To come..


Tom Sherriff – Boys Captain

My name is Tom Sherriff; I swim in the top lane of Regional squad and have been a member of Hemel swimming club for 7 years. I always train as hard as I can and try to set a good example and I have competed at County championships for 5 years and Regional championships for 4 years. I have been helping on poolside since September, and I really enjoy it. I have had ups and downs in swimming over the last few years, and have had to fight my way back to fitness. I feel I have gained a lot from this and it will help me to help others in their journey through swimming.

As Club Captain I will be able to support swimmers right across the club, to help and support at as many of the galas as possible, and especially help swimmers younger than myself by sharing the experience I have had through competing. I would also like to see more social, team building events for the swimmers and will try and get this to happen by working with the girls’ captains and the social committee. Captains have already talked about what can be done, but if anyone has any ideas, you can speak to any of the captains.

I feel very strongly about swimming as it is a sport for many different levels and abilities, even if you don’t want to be competing at the top levels it is the best sport to keep you fit and has benefits for other sports and activities that you do. It is fun and working hard in your training that makes you feel that you have really achieved something good. I really enjoy swimming and would like to pass my enthusiasm on to others through the role of Club Captain.


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