Club Sprint Championships – final arrangements


Sign in for the Club Sprint Championships opens at 5.30pm and closes at 6pm prompt on Sundays the 24th June, 1st & 15th July.  All training is cancelled on those evenings.  Please read on for more information.

  1. If you don’t sign-in on time, you won’t swim.  There’s a lot of work behind the scenes to make certain that the event runs smoothly and we all get home as early as possible.  That work can only start once sign-in is completed and is significantly impacted if you’re late – so don’t be late!
  2. If you’re new to Club Champs (or if you’ve just forgotten what it’s like!) there’s a “survival guide” here.   It will help you explain to your swimmer what will happen. 
  3. If you want to check the details of your entry those people who submitted their entries on time can find them listed under the “entries” section of the Times Database.  Entries which were submitted after the closing date may not appear.
  4. The schedule of events is as follows:

Sunday 24th June

Sunday 1st July

Sunday 15th July

25m Freestyle (u9)

100m Butterfly

100m Backstroke

100m Freestyle

25m Breaststroke (u9)

25m Backstroke (u9)

25m Butterfly (u9)

50m Backstroke

50m Butterfly

50m Breaststroke

50m Freestyle

100m Breaststroke

100m IM

Special Medley ‘Skins’ event


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