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Click on the button at the bottom of this page to open the club’s online database for swimmer’s times and view details of club records, swimmer’s performance, their achievements relative to ASA “flash” standards, and the events and entry times for which they have been entered for forthcoming meets.

Please read the following before opening the database.

  • Club records may only be set in competitions.  Training times will not count as a club record but may be recorded as a PB.
  • PB’s may be set in individual races and the lead leg of relays.  Times from non-lead legs in relays will be recorded for information but will not constitute PB’s. Coaches and Team Managers have access to all split times and may at their own discretion use them as a criteria for team gala selection.
  • The letter “S” or “L” after an event distance stands for whether the time was set over a short (25m) or long (50m) course.  The column “P/F” can be ignored (it stands for “preliminary/final”).  The “Std” column will show whether any ASA flash standards have been achieved – “P” for platinum, “G” for gold, “S” for silver and “B” for bronze.  Flashes may be purchased from the shop when achieved.
  • When you open the results page for a competition which included one or more relays the times displayed will be for all individual races and the lead leg for any relay.  At the top of the page under the “Meet Results” button you’ll find a slightly obscure, grey “Relay” button.  Clicking on this will show relay times, swimmers and splits.
  • Please note that because of a constraint in the database, relays with “unusual” distances or stroke sequencies (squadron races, or special medleys for example) may need to be split to ensure that individual swimmers’ times are captured
  • The database will generate a graph of a swimmer’s performance over time for a specific stroke over a specific distance if you access the database using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • As a club our records are primarily based on a 25m or SCM (Short Course Meters) pool.  Occasionally and for reasons we can’t control the database defaults to a Yards setting, in which case you’ll see a largely blank page (for example when you click on the “standards” button).  Don’t panic!  Click on the drop down box marked “course” and select SCM.To see Long Course times select LCM
  • This database is for use by members of Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club only and may not be used by external parties unless permission has been obtained in advance from the committee of Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club.

The times database capability is available following a migration of the club’s records to a system developed by Hy-Tek, a US-based company who also provide the software we use to manage meets.  Hy-Tek call this service “Team Stats Online”. Click on the button below to access the database.


If you have any questions, suggestions for future development, or identify any inaccuracies in the database please email admin@hhsc.org.uk.

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