Day 2


We had a much quieter night last night with most swimmers in bed early – we had some sickness with one of the swimmers, who has now recovered and swam the second session today, unfortunately one of our Adults has gone down with it this afternoon.

This morning’s started with a 6.30am meet to get to the pool for 6.45am warm up and 7.00am swim – we had a good session with all doing really well and working hard.

We had land training on a Volley Ball court which was around 30 minutes of stretching and then some close and competitive Volley Ball games – a lot of the older girls seemed intent on running away from the ball!!!, Lois Moore our Club Captain having tried to take out our Head Coach yesterday managed to hit Conner Reynolds and Sam Piggott on the head with a couple of well timed shots. Sam’s team lost all their games and for the final Boys vs Girls he went on the Girl’s team and managed a win.

Our younger boys managed to lose two room keys today which led to some rather fed up coaches having to hunt in the sand and trek to Reception to buy a new key – needless to say they are now banned from the Beach.

We have just completed session two today with some great hard work which finished in a 6 x 50 Sprint set with fins where we took all 8 lanes of the pool and really went for it.

Alan has been using the video cameras and has been capturing lots of the swimmers technique, he was then able to demonstrate on the lap top on pool side with many swimmers showing instant improvement. He has been able to do this as we have Liz, Luke and Mike on the camp who have been lane coaching – this is great to see, we have several other clubs on the camp who have one or two coaches in attendance while Hemel Hempstead has Four – a great testament to the depth of support our swimmers have.

Tomorrow’s update is going to come from Lois and some of the older girls and Sam will also contribute later in the week.

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