Day 3


Today we woke up to rain and it has not stopped all day – it is also cool, not really what we expected in Italy,

Swimming has gone well with Lane 3 achieving in excess of !0Km today and Lane 1 making over 7Km which is more than many swimmers have swum before in a week let alone a day

We decided to miss Land Training due to the weather and the swimmers had time for an extra rest in preperation of tomorrow’s challenge. We were also treated to a ‘Master’ class with Dave Windsor taking to the 50m pool leading the way for the ‘older generation’ from the club.

We had a birthday today Isabella Sherwani-Keeling was 13 and had the honour of starting the morning session, and we had a cake for her at Dinner tonight.

Swimmers have all stocked up on food and gone to bed early as tomorrow we have the camp challenge which consists of three hours where they will be swimming (in a single session 10Km, 8Km, 7Km and 4Km) – the challenge is made up of a number of 100FC swims i.e. 100, 80, 70 and 40.


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