Day 4


Today’s Blog was written by Lois Moore abd some of the other girls on the camp.

Firstly the biggest news recently has been the challenge swum by all the swimmers on Wednesday morning. This involved each lane swimming the distance to other swimming pools, so lane 1 had to swim 7k, lane 2 had to swim 8k and lane 3 had to swim 10k. All the swimmers did exceptionally well and every last swimmer completed their challenge; even if it did leave them exhausted for the session in the afternoon.

Other notable events have been Isabella Sherwani-Keeling’s 13th birthday therefore meaning that we have another teenager on the camp and on Saturday it is Devon Prior’s 15th birthday so we all wish her a very happy birthday. As well as this, some of the coaches and helpers on the camp took a dip in the pool and attempted to show the swimmers how it was done.

Thursday is our day trip to Venice and we are all very excited, especially about hopefully trying some delicious Italian pizza and arriving there via a boat. When we get there we will have a tour through Venice before having lunch and some free time.

Everybody seems to be having a lovely time and we are all having a lot of fun – even if the swimming is tiring.

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