Disability Assessment Centre


We are pleased to announce that Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club has recently been appointed a Disability Swimming Assessment Centre

This means that we are in a position to work with Disabled Swimmers to help them achieve their goals in Competitive Swimming or in Swimming in General. We are the second Club in Hertfordshire to achieve this status so we will be working closely with Hoddesdon Swimming Club to help promote Disability Swimming in the County.

We expect you are wondering what a Disability Asessment Centre does, essentially we will assess Disabled Swimmers then give them advice on the best pathway to help them achieve their goals, this can range from advice on the best Learn to Swim Program to their local Competitive Club which of course could be Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club.

If you have any interest in this area or are a Disabled Swimmer then please contact Alan Doyle our Head Coach for further information.

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