First Round National League


Hemel Hempstead SC began its National League campaign competing in the first round in Division One at Hatfield on Saturday.  Facing tough competition, Hemel’s swimmers made the most of every opportunity to get ahead, consistently coming in the top three in their reaction times off the blocks.


There were 42 PB’s on the night including one from Aimee Abrey who ripped through the water on her opening leg of the 11/u 50m freestyle.  In the individual event she came close to matching her time and scored 4th place points for her team.

Harrison Robb sped past the one minute barrier for the first time on his 15/u 100m freestyle race to record a time of 59.22.  Robb had previously recorded a personal best in his 100m backstroke.

In the boys’ 13/u 50m freestyle relay, Curtis Barnett broke the 30 second barrier, coming home on the first leg in 29.55, which also came on the back of another PB in the individual 100m butterfly.

Arthur Woodcock was on form with an outstanding four-second personal best in the boys’ 13/u 100m freestyle, also touching home in fourth place.

Some swimmers were asked to compete, not only in their own age group, but in the age group above.  Lois Moore, at just 14 years of age, opened the meet in the Open 200m Individual Medley.  Working hard all night, she earned two 5th spots for the team in her own age group, including a PB in the 15/u 100m butterfly as well as tipping under the 30 second barrier in the freestyle relay.

Kelsey Doyle, another staunch workhorse for the team, scored a PB in her 13/u100m butterfly, as well as in the breaststroke leg of the medley relay.

Victoria Fisher was also in high demand.  In her own age group she scored the highest position of the night with a second spot in the 13/u 100m backstroke.  She also managed to post 5th in the age group above, as well as 6th in the 13/u 100m freestyle.

Hannah Bagley appeared in relays above her own age group, whilst posting a fine PB in the 13/u 100m breaststroke.

Paige Wilding took two 4th spots in the girls’ 11 years’ 50m backstroke and breaststroke races, with Kyle Holmes coming fourth in the boys’ breaststroke.

Karla Turner, in her first competition for HHSC, took another fourth place in the Open 100m freestyle.  Her Open teammates, Robb Hill and Paul Mackie turned in personal best times in the 100m breaststroke and freestyle respectively.

At the end of a hard fought night, the team finished seventh overall.


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