How to Use a Snorkel


Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club makes use of the Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel in the County and Regional Squads. It is considered that by the time swimmers enter these squads that their lungs and technique are developed enough to use this piece of equipment. Many swimmers have trouble adapting to the use of the snorkel so this article attempts to help swimmers by describing the best way to use it and the benefits it brings.

Much of the following information was taken from documentation supplied by Finis.

What is the Swimmer’s Snorkel

The Swimmer’s Snorkel is a patented front mount snorkel designed specifically for swimmers and can be worn with any standard swimming goggles. At its most basic level, the Swimmer’s Snorkel allows a swimmer of any ability to relax in the water and maintain a completely laid out, horizontal position. The key benefit to this is the ability for the person to breathe naturally and rhythmically. This skill is the most critical aspect for novice level swimmers to master. The ability to be laid out, completely horizontal and relaxed is beneficial to all levels of swimmers, as it allows people to swim at normal or even slower speeds while maintaining a full range of motion.

Why do I need a Snorkel?

Many of the fastest swimmers in the world use the center-mount Swimmer’s Snorkel in practice every day. For people with poor technique, the effect from using the snorkel can be dramatic – from a floppy, sloppy stroke to battleship stability in one lap!

The Swimmer’s Snorkel allows swimmers to concentrate on body balance, head position and stroke technique by eliminating the breathing cycle rotation. Greater emphasis and promotion of proper body alignment, complete axis rotation and arm stroke pattern are automatic once the Swimmer’s Snorkel is incorporated into the swimmer’s training regime. Instantly, the swimmer will glide through the water without worrying about turning to breathe, enabling an improved and uniform stroke.

Quick Tips

  • It is possible to do a freestyle flip turn with the Swimmer’s Snorkel, and the snorkel is designed to alert you to improper form during execution (it will rotate or wiggle to let you know that your streamline can be improved).
  • Blow out hard to clear all water from the snorkel. If water persists in going up your nose, try a nose clip.
  • A perfect freestyle swimmer is very well balanced and should have a similar rotation on both sides. Breathe through the snorkel, keeping your head in line with your spine. This position allows the swimmer to visually confirm that they are spending as much time on their right side of their body as their left.

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