Middle Distance Club Champs 2009 – Round 3


The final session of Hemel Hempstead SC’s Middle Distance Club Championships has now taken place with the two remaining events decided.


The evening began with a special event in which three of the club’s Masters swimmers took it upon themselves to swim the 200m butterfly.  The aim was to give the spectators some entertainment, to show the youngsters what the club’s senior swimmers are made of, and to finish without getting DQ’d or requiring urgent medical attention.

Pam Ware, Dave Pirrie and Mark Ayres succeeded on all three counts and managed, moreover, to post some pretty impressive times, with Pam coming home first.

Having been shown the way, it was the youngsters’ turn to take on this killer event.  Eleven year-old fly specialist, Hannah Bagley, had no trouble, putting in a strong personal best time to take the gold.  Sam Gower and Lucy Perkins picked up silver and bronze medals respectively.

Lois Moore, another strong fly swimmer, took the gold in the 12-13 age group, with Sophie Ayres and Melissa Brandon coming second and third.  Emma Jolly won the 14-15 category.

There were two ten year-old boys who braved the 200m butterfly: Conor Parker took gold and Carl Prince claimed silver.  Ben Page won the 11 years’ age group, with Louis Dunham and Joe Phillips second and third.

In the 12-13 year boys, it was Tom Sherriff who posted the fastest time, followed closely by Curtis Barnett and Freddie Woodcock.  Tom Osborn won the 14-15 boys’ category, with Sam Pigott and Jack Kempton taking silver and bronze.

Last on the agenda was the 200m backstroke, which saw nine year-old Lucy Hutchins adding to her substantial gold medal tally from the two previous weekends.  Megan Pirrie finished second with Fiona Cox coming third.

Paige Wilding took the 10 year-olds’ title, with Aimee Abrey and Becky Farrow as runners-up.  Sam Gower and Lucy Perkins mustered the energy to race once more, after competing in the butterfly, taking gold and silver respectively, with Lauren Nicell claiming bronze.

Kelsey Doyle took the 12-13 age group, with Lois Moore and Suzanne Pitts second and third.  Katie McLaren won the 14-15 age group, followed by Emma Gower in second, with Amy Howard hot on her heels in third.

Kyle Holmes won the nine year-old boys’ 200m backstroke, Thomas King taking gold in the 10 years’ group with Jacob Hutchings finishing second and Carl Prince adding a bronze to his earlier silver.

Ben Page once again proved dominant in the 11 years’ age group, with Tom Sherriff (12-13) also claiming his second win of the night, followed by Arthur Woodcock and Curtis Barnett respectively.  Tom Osborn was another double winner, taking first in the 14-15 age group, with Jamie Keevill second and Sam Pigott third.

Throughout the club championships many swimmers achieved qualifying times that will enable them to compete in the Herts County Championships coming up in March.

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