Never a truer word said in jest!!


Janet’s comments about Adventures came true yesterday evening.  After a successful day’s swimming we returned to the Arethusa to dry off the towels and costumes before going out for a healthy salad et al at the local Harvester.  The swimmers were well behaved and ate tonnes.  Leaving the restaurant at 8:30, we planned to spend the rest of the evening playing games and having fun in the Sports Hall at the Venture Centre.

Matthias, Jonny and then Ollie had unsuccessful attempts at closing the minibus’s sliding door from the inside.  Sarah then decided to get out and close it from the outside – wrong decision!!  The door became stuck, closed but not fully in position – the minibus refused to start, the door wouldn’t open again and we were stranded.   To cut a long story short, a nice man from the AA came along, crow-barred open the door, removed one of the fittings and we were able to finish our journey.  We arrived back about 11pm and the swimmers went straight to bed.  We have tired swimmers this morning but I am sure that will not stop them swimming well.  Go Hemel!!!

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