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The shop is open on Sunday evening 6.30pm – 8.00pm and Tuesday evening 7.30pm – 8.30pm.  It is run by volunteers and therefore there will be occasions when it does not open. You will find us close to the notice board in the Sportspace Centre.

Our main supplier is Swim Shop and we sell all products at catalogue prices.  As we order in bulk we are able to save on postage costs and also benefit from a discount which subsidises the club funds. 

In general we hold the following stock:

Club costumes      
Endurance swimwear
Hand paddles      
Floats and Pull buoys
Goggles (including spare straps!)
Drag shorts
Mesh bags
Swim hats in various colours
A selection of reward toys

If there is a particular item you would like we can order this for you with our main order and save you the postage.

We also sell merchandise which is branded with the club logo.  In particular:  Bags; T-shirts; Hoodies and club hats.

Swimming awards are also available from the shop.  Check your PB’s and see if you have qualified for an ASA Competitive swimming award.  The required times are listed on the club notice board.  There are 4 levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with a badge for each stroke at every level.  You can choose to collect for Sprint times, Middle distance and Distance times.  Sew them on your T-shirt or Hoodie and show others how fast you are.

Remember all profits from the club shop are ploughed back into the swimming club ao by spending money with us you are helping yourself !

Our Shop pricing is as follows:

Poolside T-Shirts £17.00
Poolside Shorts £15.00
Polo Shirt £20.00
Hoody £32.00
Tracksuit Bottoms £25.00
Gilet £30.00

For more information on the new club kit see here and you can download an order form here

Club girls swimming costume
up to 32” £13
over 32” £15
Club boys swim shorts
up to 30” £13
over 30” £15

HHSC bag £17.50

HHSC swimming hat
new stock £3.50
old stock £2.50

Endurance jammer (black) to size 32″£15.50

Net bag £3.65

Float £4.90

Pull buoy £4.10

round £2
rectangle 90p

Light up keyrings £3.25

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