Training Squad


Training Squad

  • They should be aiming for Regional and National qualifying times
  • They will commit to at least five training sessions each week
  • They will compete at the highest level for which qualification can be achieved
  • They must demonstrate a mature approach to their swimming, both in competition and training, setting a good example to younger or less experienced swimmers.

Training Times

Monday REST
Tuesday 05:45 07:15 Main pool Hemel Hempstead
Tuesday 20:00 21:30 Main pool Hemel Hempstead
Wednesday REST
Thursday 05:45 07:15 Main pool Hemel Hempstead
Thursday 19:00 21:00 Main pool Hemel Hempstead
Friday 06:00 07:00 Flexipool Hemel Hempstead
Friday 19:00 21:00 Main pool Hemel Hempstead
Saturday 07:00 09:00 Main pool Hemel Hempstead
Sunday 08:00 10:00 50m pool Luton

**  Luton training is at an additional cost

Total training time

11 hrs 30 minutes pool time plus a further 2 hrs if invited to swim at Luton.

Your aim should be to use all these hours.



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