Swim Camp Memories


We asked all the swimmers that attended the Swim Camp in Italy 2011 to make a note of their favourite memory – some make very interesting reading 🙂

My favourite memory is Tom S having his ‘navel’ poked by the tour guide in Venice.

Sam P.

My best moment of Swim Camp was when we saw a woman fall in the sea while having her picture taken and her two friends trying to help her, then they both fell in.

Lucie H.

I have had many memories during Swim Camp.  One of my favourites was when everyone ran into the sea and got freeeezing.

Emma R.

When a pigeon done a poo on Paige.

Jacob H.

Having a massive water fight and Lois falling flat on her face.

Paige W.

My best moment was realising I had only 5 metres of the last length, of the last session, on the last day.

Lauren W.

The 20 x 100’s don’t seem so hard anymore.

Tom K.

Clapping at another swimming club.

Rani K.

The beach and the time Alan stacked it because it was funny.  Kira being Mark with a marker pen moustache.  I am never getting up that early again.

Darcy H.

Last day at the beach when it was sunny and I went in the sea.

Becky H.

Camp challenges – 100 x 100’s, going into the sea and being attacked by Sam, Tom, Matt and Peter.

Lois M.

My favourite bit of Swim Camp was when Tom Sherriff picked me up and threw me into the sea.

Ben G.

Last day on the beach playing football.

Peter K.

Favourite memories, waking up at 6:00 every morning and 100 x 100’s

Tom S.

When everyone finished the challenge and when we got to go in the sea.

Isabella S-K.

I believe the most valuable aspect of the Italy Swim Camp was me attempting the 80 x 100m front crawl and succeeding.

Conner R.

Having a water fight against the boys.

Hannah B.

The best thing at Swim Camp was when Aimee and Emily were arguing, I got really angry and threw my biscuit at the wall.  The mark is still on the wall.

Becky F.

I loved the beach lunch and the swimming.

Max J.

Tom’s face when a pigeon landed on him in Venice

Kelsey D.

The funniest memory of Swim Camp was when Kira came into our room with a moustache drawn on her face and she tried to do an impression of Mark H.

Emily J.

When we had the big water fight.

Kyle H.

My favourite part in Swim Camp was when Alan stacked it on the beach, took Max down with him and Lois won their race.

Joe P.

My favourite moment was when everyone (including coaches), had to jump in the sea

Thushi K.

Last day at the beach and also swimming all sessions was an achievement.

Matt S.

My favourite memory was the day we went to the beach, when everyone had to go in the sea.

Aimee A.

My best moment of Swim Camp was when me and Lucie were doing impressions of Mark H.  We missed you Mark.

Kira D.

When Lois tried to copy Tom’s dive over the block and fell in.

Devon P.

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