Tickets for Olympic aquatic events available through ASA


The ASA East Region has been given an allocation of tickets for the 2012 Olympics. The Management Board has decided that the fairest way to allocate tickets is to invite the membership to apply for tickets, which are for sessions across all the disciplines.  

Details of the available tickets by price and discipline may be found here

The ASA can only sell the tickets to the swimming family for their own use, and they may not be sold on or transferred to anyone else.  

The ASA have now received notification of our actual allocation, in numbers, with the cost of each ticket. At this stage they are not allocated to a particular session or day. The only guarantee is that the tickets, where possible, will be sold in a minimum of pairs for a session. It is easy to see whether the ticket is, in the case of swimming for example, a heat or a final, but not for which session.  

The ASA are required to submit our requirements by 31st March, so our closing date will be 28th March. We are unable to guarantee which session the tickets are for.  

The ASA propose to offer all tickets to any ASAER member who quotes their ASA membership number and email address, and attaches a cheque to cover the full cost of the ticket/s using the application form which may be found here. If any ticket allocation is oversubscribed as at 28th March then we will use the ballot method to decide who has the tickets. Any unsuccessful applications will be advised by email, and the cheques shredded, or returned to the applicant, if a SAE is enclosed.  

Successful applications will have their cheques presented for payment immediately. If there is only a part allocation, the cheque will still be presented for payment, and the balance will be repaid to the applicant from the region, by BACS, to the same account on which the cheque is drawn.  

All applications should be sent to the ASA East Region, 5 The Court, Lanwades Business Park, Kentford, Suffolk CB8 7PN, i.e. applications should be sent direct to ASA East Region and not to the Club.


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