Well Done Charles!


Congratulations to Charles Dainton who was awarded the Roy Rogers Memorial Trophy in recognition for his contribution to Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club and Hertfordshire Swimming, at the Hertfordshire ASA Annual Council Meeting this evening. He said he couldn’t have done it all without the support of Linda.

Charles was nominated by the Committee of HHSC and his nomination explains how highly he is regarded by all the Swimmers and Parents:

The Committee, Swimmers and Parents of Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club (HHSC) would like to nominate their outgoing Head Coach, Charles Dainton, for his services to the club, to Dacorum and to Hertfordshire swimming in general.

Charles began his coaching career many years ago at Hemel Hempstead. After a spell at CoSTA, he returned to HHSC to take on the role of Head Coach in 1998. Under his leadership Hemel Hempstead SC has become one of Hertfordshire’s premier clubs, with a strong reputation for developing swimmers. Years ago, the club could count its County level swimmers on one hand. Now it boasts around 50 per year, plus Regional competitors and National qualifiers and finalists.

Charles has successfully developed many swimmers to National level, as well as being involved in the early development of Olympic team member, Richard Charlesworth, who came back to visit HHSC and inspire young swimmers in 2008. However, he is also committed to bringing out the best in everyone, whatever their level of achievement. What makes Charles so worthy of this award is his commitment to engage as many young people as possible in the sport of swimming. One example has been his policy to field three teams at the Peanuts League so as to offer all club swimmers, from strongest to weakest, the chance to experience the thrill of competitive racing. Charles has been known to race across Hertfordshire to three different venues in one evening to lend support to each of his teams. This inclusive, selfless ethos has extended to his own modest remuneration, which has allowed the club to keep membership fees low so that the widest range of youngsters can afford to take part.

Charles has earned the respect and affection of his swimmers through his knowledge and experience, his capacity to communicate technique in a way they can understand, his humour, and, above all, his genuine care and regard for each and every swimmer, regardless of ability. Charles has dedicated much of his life to promoting swimming, both in the club, and beyond, in his teaching to schools swimming programmes. Qualified to Level 3, he attends every coaching session at the club, and is a regular at competitions, where he is often to be found officiating, e.g. as judge or starter. Even whilst stepping down as Head Coach, he has indicated a desire to continue coaching the younger swimmers in the club. Charles has been unstinting in the contribution he has made to Hertfordshire swimming. It would be a fitting thanks for all the untold hours he has given to the sport for him to be awarded this trophy and we at HHSC, and no doubt many in the swimming world beyond, where Charles’ name is well known and respected, believe he thoroughly deserves it.

Well Done Charles !

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