Adult Volunteers

Welcome to our Volunteer and Training Section, this is the place to visit if you would like to volunteer to help with the running of the club, or if you are just curious about positions you could help with or if you want to take part in more formal training as an Official, Coach or Team Manager.

A swimming club like Hemel Hempstead is built on our volunteers; just look around on any training evening and you willl see a host of coaches and poolside helpers.  And when you attend a gala you will see lots of people giving up their time;  this can range from judging, timekeeping to helping with refreshments for the poolside helpers. There is always a job for you!.

The club is virtually entirely run by volunteers;  parents, ex-swimmers and current swimmers.  So if you would like to offer your support to your swimmer and others, then please volunteer.  Contact us at and we are sure we can find a position suitable for you ; the more volunteers we have the better the club is.  It gives us more options to help our swimmers develop their swimming careers and more importantly to appreciate the joy of taking part in a healthy sport.

We also welcome volunteers who would like to progress their teaching or coaching with us and in return for your time as a volunteer we may be able to assist with funding for training to help you develop your qualifications and knowledge.

Job Descriptions for all roles within the Club can be found under Swim Manager under Documents.  Please take your time to consider which role would suit you best.

Fixtures Officer – VACANT

This role deals with the formulation of the overall Club competition schedule

External Competitions Secretary – Abi Whittaker

Team Galas Secretary – VACANT

HHSC Meets team:

  • Meet Organiser – Jane Read
  • AOE Secretary – Bill Hawes
  • Meet Software Secretary – Jane Read
  • Entries Secretary – Ellen Gibson
  • Gala Secretary – VACANT
  • Licensing Secretary – VACANT
  • Refreshments Secretary – Nicci Hawes
  • Trophies Secretary – Amy Beardsworth and Phyllis Patrick
  • Medals Secretary – Marlize Kennell
Workforce Officer – Janet Davies and Sarah Young

This role is paramount to recruit, engage and reward our volunteers through a recognised Swim England volunteer programme.

Education Officer – VACANT

Officials CoOrdinator – VACANT

Training Sessions Secretary – VACANT

Supported by a team of Officials, Team Managers and Coaches

Marketing & Press Officer – VACANT

This role leads and promotes club activities to lead to recruitment of new members and engagement of current membership.

Media Representative – VACANT

Social Media Secretary – VACANT

Webmaster – VACANT

Recruitment Secretary – VACANT

Social Secretary – VACANT

Other Positions Filled

Award Scheme Secretary – Vikkie Anderton

Health & Safety Manager – Vikkie Anderton

Other Vacancies

Club Shop Secretary

Assistant Treasurer


We are a competitive sport club - with our swimmers competing at all levels from local team galas to National and European events.