Our club operates though volunteer support, and members help out in a variety of areas including team management, committee positions, administration and officiating.   Volunteering gives members the opportunity to make new connections and even develop new skills.

Volunteer Official roles – THE CLUB NEEDS YOU !

As a club we need to provide officials for team galas. We lose points and can be disqualified from galas if these roles aren’t fulfilled.

The club will ensure all the training is free of charge and support you throughout the journey and there is an excellent support network for officials within Hertfordshire.

There are also lots of benefits from being on poolside – no entry fee to pay, time flies by (especially for all day galas), food and drink is usually provided  and it is a lot cooler than sitting in the gallery and you are best placed to support your child and learn a new skill whilst doing so.

Team Manager – responsible for keeping all team members safe at swim meets

Timekeeper – the role is to record swimmers times

Judge Level 1 – to inspect the start, turn and finish of races

Judge Level 2 – to inspect the start, turn, stroke and place at finish of races.

If you are interested in helping to fill these roles please contact Rachel Cooper on secretary@hhsc.org.uk



We are a competitive sport club, with our swimmers competing
at all levels from local team galas to National and European events.