Join the Club

    The club holds trials approximately once a month on a Sunday evening at 7.00pm.  To book a place on our next trial, contact our Membership Secretary using the form – please include details of the swimmer (name, age, swimming level, SE number for members of other clubs etc.).

    Members can join the Club from 7 years upwards once they have reached Swim England level 6, after an initial assessment by one of our trained coaches. To join the club, swimmers should typically be capable of swimming a 25m length, and show some understanding of proper breathing technique.  They should also be able to demonstrate an attempt at swimming breaststroke and butterfly. They can then train to the end of the month in which they have their assessment as free trial then they start paying membership fees from the 1st of the following month.

    If joining from another club, a swimmer’s current personal best times or PBs will determine what group he or she should join, space permitting. The training programme is organised by grouping swimmers according to their ability, attitude and age. For more details of the different groups and training times, click on the link to the Swimming Groups above.

    Parents who have not been involved with a swimming club before may find some elements of the club difficult to understand.  To help you settle in as quickly as possible we’ve produced a “survival guide” which may be downloaded from our Parents section.


    We are a competitive sport club, with our swimmers competing
    at all levels from local team galas to National and European events.