As at 1st August 2020

Please read the following HHSC Covid-19 rules document (pdf copy available here). At all times swimmers and coaches health and safety is paramount.

If you or your child/ren attend a training session, you are committing to abide by the following rules and committing to the health and safety of all swimmers, coaches and families.

These rules and commitments are in place to limit the possible transmission of Covid-19 and keep every swimmer, family and coach as safe as possible. We believe the below rules are reasonable and will allow everyone to feel as confident as possible in returning to the pool.

All swimmers, coaches, the covid lead and liaison officers will have completed the following documentation;

  • Swim England declaration
  • Swim England health survey

No swimmers will be permitted to swim without completing the above documentation as well as updating medical details on Swim Manager – entering ”none” if necessary. Covid Liaison Officers will refuse access to the pool for any swimmer where the above has not been completed.

Chlorine Levels

Please note we have been informed by Everyone Active that in order to follow Swim England guidance, the chlorine levels are slightly higher than normal. Please ensure that you take this into consideration when bringing yourself/your swim/mer to the pool.

By attending yourself or allowing your swimmer to come to training and participate in a session you commit to the following;

Never attend or bring a swimmer to the pool if they are presenting with any of the following symptoms:

    • continuous new cough
    • new high temperature
    • loss of taste or smell
  • Never attend or bring a swimmer to the pool if they have been told to quarantine for 14 days by work, school, 111, the NHS or the Contact Tracing service. Swimmers should stay away from training until the 14 days have elapsed without symptoms.
  • You must inform Tara Taylor, Covid Lead on 07949 460420 by telephone call as soon as possible on finding out that you or your child has tested positive for Covid-19 and/or they have to quarantine for 14 days. This must be followed up by an email to Tara Taylor, Covid Lead to confirm these details.
  • You also give permission for us to share that any swimmer in the club has either quarantined or tested positive. This information will only be shared when the Covid Lead feels there is a high risk of transmission and will only be shared with the squad and coach the swimmer has trained with.


Please watch the instructional video which will be emailed out separately to you.


  • Please ensure you have updated your contact details on Swim Manager and are contactable on that number during ALL training sessions.
  • All parents/guardians of all swimmers under 18 must be contactable by phone at all times during ALL training sessions.
  • You MUST contact the Covid Lead, Tara Taylor on 07949 460420 , if you have any issues with collecting your swimmer/s.
  • Please email to talk to your coach – do not hang about after training as coaches will be leaving promptly.

Drop Off

No parent/guardian will be allowed inside Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre unless their swimmer is aged under 12 years

  • Swimmers will enter by the front doors of the leisure centre and follow the Everyone Active outside queuing system
  • Parents of swimmers under 12 may wait with their swimmer in the queue and walk their child inside, following signs and floor markers. They can wait in the queue in the café area until granted access poolside by a Covid Liaison Officer.
  • If you are walking in with your swimmer, you must follow the Everyone Active social distancing measures and keep your child with you at all time.
  • Parents of swimmers 12 and over are asked to drop their swimmer/s off and wait until they have entered the building before leaving the carpark
  • Parents that choose to stay in the carpark have a maximum of 20 minutes FREE parking. If you are staying for the duration of the session, then we ask you to put your number plate in when all swimmers have entered the building. When swimmers, parents/guardians enter the building they will be required to use the hand gel supplied at the entrance door.
  • Swimmers will then need to follow the signs and floor markers provided by Every Active and queue to enter the pool. Swimmers will be escorted by a Covid Liaison Officer.
  • Swimmers enter the pool via the café door.
  • There will be no spectating during any session.


  • Swimmers will exit the Leisure Centre via the door to the left of the lift (this is where our notice boards use to be) and leads directly to the car park. Again, Everyone Active has signs and floor markers to show the one way system.
  • Swimmers under 12 will be escorted to the exit by a Covid Liaison Officer.
  • We ask that parents do not congregate around this exit point and only parents of under 12’s wait in the allocated area. (This will be clear on thevideo).If you are unable to collect your swimmer for any reason, please call the Covid Lead, Tara Taylor on 07949 460420 immediately.


Arriving and Queuing

  • Swimmers must arrive “beach ready” (this means your swimming costume/trunks must be on and you can undress/dress quickly and easily)
  • There will be limited access to changing rooms and toilets, this will be actively discouraged, unless absolutely necessary. Swimmers must ask permission to use the changing rooms or toilets. Swimmers may be escorted to use the toilets; all safeguarding measure will be adhered to.
  • There will be no access to the showers for most swimmers – those with skin or other medical conditions will be allowed. Please ensure medical details are updated on swim manager to avoid embarrassing conversations.
  • Swimmers are asked to bring their belongings in ONE small bag and only bring a towel, hat, goggles, NAMED water bottle, and the equipment specified by their lead coach plus any medication (this should be on the medical details on Swim Manager).
  • Swimmers will have a clearly named equipment, medication and water bottles. Water bottles cannot be refilled during sessions, so please ensure you have enough water for the session they are attending.
  • Swimmers must follow the Everyone Active queuing system and only enter poolside when permitted by the Covid Liaison Officer.

Access to poolside

  • Only swimmers allocated for that session will be given access to poolside.
  • Swimmers must follow the one-way system at all times.
  • Before being granted access to the pool, each swimmer will have their temperature taken and be asked if they feel well enough to swim
  • Where a temperature is above 37.5 degrees the Covid Liaison Officer will contact parents/guardians and ask for the child to be collected immediately. Swimmers who have driven themselves will be asked if they feel OK to drive and where necessary a lift will be organised.
  •  Swimmers will be directed to chairs allocated around poolside to undress and leave their belongings at the chair.
  • Swimmers will need to wait at the chair until asked to walk to a lane by a coach or Covid Liaison Officer.
  •  Swimmers must bring all equipment with them and place it where directed to. 4
  • Any swimmer that presents before or during a session, with any typical symptoms of Covid-19 will be quarantined away from other swimmers and coaches. A parent/guardian will be called and asked to collect the swimmer immediately and to follow the 14 day quarantine guidance.
  • Swimmers must follow the social distancing rules and the HHSC code of conduct at all times. Any unruly, unsafe or disruptive behaviour will be addressed immediately by the Head Coach or Teacher, or Lead Coach.

Exiting poolside

  • Swimmers will follow instructions from coaches and Covid Liaison Officers on when and how to exit the pool. This will be dependent on age, number of swimmers and whether other squads are waiting to access poolside.
  • Swimmers ill be asked to walk back to their allocated equipment drop off point and wait there until it is deemed safe to leave (some sessions will have other clubs/public using the centre).
  • Swimmers will follow instructions of Covid Liaison Officers as well as Everyone Active one way systems and procedures.
  • Swimmers will leave the Centre as show in the instructional video.
  • Where swimmers have previously requested showers/changing rooms, this will be arranged between the swimmer and the Covid Liaison Officer.
  • It may be necessary to end a session 5 minutes prior to the published time, to ensure social distancing is adhered to. This will be at the discretion of the coach and/or Covid Liaison Officer.


  • We will follow all government, Swim England and Everyone Active guidelines and swimmers will be expected to keep socially distant at all times whilst poolside and in the pool.
  • Coaches and Covid Liaison Officers will be supporting swimmers to following the social distancing rules, however swimmers deemed to be unsafe and putting themselves or others health at risk will be asked to leave the session immediately and a parent/guardian will be called.


We will always have one or more CLOs per session to assist poolside. Their role will be to ensure the health and safety of swimmers and coaches and to support social distancing.

They will;

  • meet younger swimmers at the door and walk them to the pool
  • check swimmers in for allocated session
  • ensure all swimmers have had temperature taken and health checked
  • support coaches in implementing social distancing rules
  • monitor toilet breaks / access to showers
  • call parents/guardians where necessary
  • assist coaches to ensure all swimmers leave the building promptly

They will not;

  •  administer first aid – this will be done by Everyone Active staff
  • coach
  • address unruly, unsafe or disruptive behaviour, but immediately draw thisto the attention of the Head Coach or Teacher or Lead Coach
  • share any confidential information regarding swimmers , coaches or families

Our Covid Lead Officer is called Tara Taylor and can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 07949 460420.

There is a team of around 10 Covid Liaison Officers. We ask that you respect them at all times, they are keeping you, your swimmer and your coaches safe and following government, Swim England and Everyone Active guidance.


  • Coaches, where deemed necessary, will email the session to their squad at least ONE day prior to the session.
  • There will be minimum coaches poolside.
  • Coaches will arrive no more than 10 mins before the session is due to start and leave immediately after the last swimmer has departed.
  • On arrival at the pool, coaches will wash and sanitise their hands and have their temperature taken.
  •  Coaches will only bring a water bottle, phone and session plan to the pool
  • Whiteboards WILL NOT BE USED
  • Coaches will follow the government, Swim England and Everyone Active guidance in relation to social distancing and minimising risk of transmittingCovid-19.
  • Coaches will not administer first aid or attend to any equipment malfunction!

By returning to training you commit to the above and to informing us if you/your swimmer are quarantining due to Covid- 19 and/or have a positive Covid-19 result.

We thank you for your patience while we were getting ready to returning to pool training.


We are a competitive sport club, with our swimmers competing
at all levels from local team galas to National and European events.