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HHSC Opens

23rd September 2017
200 Fly Fest (Level 3)

7th/8th October 2017
Birthday Open (Level 3)

19th/20th May 2018
Spring Development (Level 3)
(details to follow)
Saturday morning
Written by Janet Davies   
Saturday, 26 November 2016 08:37
IMG 0450

A good night's sleep was had by everyone, despite Joe shouting out of the window - probably at the loud fox barking!  A big breakfast was eaten by everyone, especially Joe with his three bowls of cereal.  Ten minutes in the minibus and we arrived at the venue.  Swimmers signed in and then warmed up by the baby pool.  Swimmers are a bit worried about the slippery wall at the shallow end, but Ollie has given them sound advice should they slip.  Good swimming expected by all.
IMG 0438IMG 0437IMG 0441